Paletteer General Meeting, 2/11/14

  • Paletteer General Meeting
    Tuesday, February 11, 2014
    Palos Verdes Art Center

Present Officers:
President – Suzanne Kuuskmae
Vice President – Suzanne Young
Recording Secretary – Joanne Goodman
Treasurer – Irene Rafael
Corresponding Secretary – Debra Young
Membership Chair: Tom Coffey, Jim Morino
Post Cards – Heather Escalante
Activities Chairs – Lois Olsen
Hospitality Chairs – Frances Nebolon, Kathryn Egli
Email Chair – Mary Lou Slagter
Malaga Cove Chair – Karen Wickham
Advisor/Past President – Kathy Bergstrom

  • Guests
    You may invite a guest to come to a meeting.
  • New Members
    We currently have 57 members. Things to think about if you are sponsoring a new member: quality of art work, willingness to take a role in administration, ability to attend meetings.
    Two new art exhibitions for members:
    April 4-20 PVAC Juried Art Show and Small Treasures
    December 4 – January 5 Holiday Juried Art Show
  • Fort Hunter Liggett
    March 28-30 (Friday-Monday)
    Sign up NOW before the trip is open to other groups.

Cowboy Rooms – $55/night (4 rooms w/ full-size beds, 1 room w/ twin beds,
shared bathroom and shower)

Garden Rooms – $75/night (Queen-size bed and private bathroom)

Tower Rooms – $90/night (Queen-size bed and full size sofa bed w/ private bathroom)

Mini-Suite – $95/night (Queen-size bed and full-size sofa bed w/ private bathroom)

For information or to book a room, please call 831-386-2900 or email the Hacienda

  • Paletteers Website will be coming in the next few months.
  • Upcoming Meetings
    March 11 – Golden Paints with Chris Cuzins
    April 8 – Printmaking with Carol Levy
    May 13 – Members share artwork & Jon Thornton can help those who need it with uploading images to the website.
    June 11, Wednesday – Rolling Hills Country Club Luncheon
  • Nominations Committee
    Leaving office: Suzanne Young, Vice President; Irene Rafael, Treasurer; Joanne Goodman, Recording Secretary; Lois Olsen, Activities Chair; Mary Lou Slagter, Email Chair

Proposed Replacements: Boots Wilhelm, Treasurer; Ann Boyt, Recording Secretary; Irene Rafael & Joanne Goodman, Activities Chairs; Jane Copper, Email Chair; Vice President – OPEN

Kathy Bergstrom asked for volunteers for Vice President. She also asked for volunteers for any of the proposed replacement positions.

  • Other Business
    Emeritus Member, Rose Clark, will be turning 100. Beverly Metcalf will ask her to come to our June luncheon as an honorary member. Debra will also send a note to each Emeritus Member and invite them too. It was mentioned that it would be nice to showcase their artwork.

Destination Art – is having an Art Show/Fundraiser at Malaga Cove Library March 3–29, with a Reception on March 8, 1-4pm

Artist Studio video – well produced, look it up

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Goodman
Recording Secretary