General Meeting September 9, 2014

Minutes from past meeting – approved.

Treasurer’s Report –  Boots reported that Malaga Bank currently had $2246.93 in the account but after depositing a few checks in hand (from Malaga Cove show and member dues) it would bring it up to $2331.93

3. PVAC – Ann Hugh reported on recent meetings, as a rep from our group.

There will be an interest finder out for visiting Balboa Park in San Diego,

The Malaga Cove lawn show sold quite a few more paintings this year.

Norris exhibit space – more information coming.

She had a sheet to update your email and address info for PVAC.

4. Membership – Tom Coffey and Jim Morino

Still asking to pay dues! Just a few have not yet paid.

Other Concerns and announcements

Suzanne Young said that PVAC invite cards for all shows MUST have a stamp added in order to mail.

The PVAC Holiday Show will be Nov. 26 – Jan. 4. It is open to ALL PVAC member artists.  22 is the take-in date and reception is Dec. 5.  Prospectus is being worked on.

Next PVAC show for the art groups will be March 6 to April 19.

Malaga Cove lawn show will be Sept. 20 and 22.

Premier Bank is looking for some artwork – ask Suzanne.

Destination Art (destination-art.net) has received non-profit status, has signed a lease for a warehouse in Old Torrance, and is planning an open house for November. There will be a reception for Associate members in late October.

Torrance Artist Guild Exhibition is currently hung at Lexus so go take a look at it. We are next, and there are 210 paintings on the wall.

Artists Unlimited exhibit is at Malaga Cove Library ‘til Sept. 29th.

  1. Review of Paletteer Lexus Exhibition Prospectus

Hard copies are here as well as on the website. Please get your entries in as soon as possible, and the last day for receiving entries is October 10. No entries will be accepted after that date!

Sign-up sheet for jobs needed to help with this show, is on the table.

Presentation: Price and availability information about canvas/cradle board framing from Angie of California Canvas.  Questions about other types of framing?  Ask Jon.

Demo by Jon of our Website – Paletteers.net

Jon’s phone is 310-961-4477 and email is deepbevel@gmail.com

Classic Artist Canvas (used to be California Canvass) – presentation by Angie, owner with sister Patty, of their custom canvas business. They will deliver and make high quality stretched, unstretched, wooden boxes, etc. Fast service, reasonable and also can deliver to art center, to be picked up there.  You may call Angie at 310-989-1242 or visit info@classicartistcanvas.com


Audrey Suer– come to the Torrance Art Museum for a tour on Sept. 12, 10:30

  • National Watercolor Society in San Pedro – show ends Oct 12, reception this Sat. 4-7
  • Workshop – Computer Generated Art, this Thurs, Fri., Sat.
  • Old “Borders” space show at our mall, coming up presented by Peggy Zask.
  • Encouraging sign-ups for fall session classes by:
    • Suzanne Young – texture
    • Dael Patton – abstract acrylics, collage, mixed media two and three dimensional
    • Oil painting class – Dave Wolfram
    • Ginny Wyper’s printmaking class
    • Annie Clavel’s classes

Guests – Annie Clavel and a student of Suzanne Young

Members showing us their artwork

isc. – October meeting, Tuesday the 14th, is in need of three people to do hospitality. It will be held in the lower classroom of the Palos Verdes Art Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Boyt

Recording Secretary