General Meeting Minutes = Sept. 16, 2016



General Meeting

September 13, 2016

President Herlinda Giandalia was unable to attend the general meeting. At her request, Kathy Bergstrom presided over the meeting calling it to order at 9:48 a.m.

Kathy welcomed the members and the following guests: Susan Best, Peggy Johnson, Dawn Quinones, Joyce Weiss and Stan Corbett, all potential new members.

Kathy made the following announcements:

It is time to submit dues. If unable to do so today, mail a check ($35) to Marsha Burnett, Treasurer.

A donation can still be made for an award honoring Carol Morris Ward by sending it to Marsha Burnett. To distinguish it from dues, note on the check that it is a donation to the award.

It was moved, seconded and passed that an award be set up honoring Helen Mallett, Emeritus and long-time member, who recently passed away.

Jane Copper reported on a PVACA meeting:

There have been problems with exhibitors not following the lawn show rules.

PVACA is interested in collaborating with our website coordinator, Jean Comings.

There will be no holiday show this year; but there will be a student sale December 2 and 3. Participants have to have taken a class or taught one in 2016 and must be available to work a 4-hour shift during the sale. An application form will soon be available online.

Back in Action, a chiropractic office on Crenshaw, wants 30 to 40 paintings to exhibit 3 to 4 times a year. Interested artists should talk to Jane for more information.

The following local art events were announced:

South Bay Focus, Torrance Art Museum, an exhibition open to artists living in the South Bay, November 19-December 16. Apply at Torrance by September 24.

Destination Art currently has an exhibition running through October at Lexus in Torrance.

Cliff Hangers, featuring Kathy Bergstrom and Larry Manning is at Destination Art .

Artists Unlimited annual exhibit is at Malaga Cove Library Gallery October 4-22. Paletteers Sue Cutler and LaVonne Wuertz will be exhibiting their work.

A watercolor abstracts workshop December 19 was announced by Annie Clavell


Farla Binder emphasized that the holiday luncheon will be on December 14, a Wednesday, this year. It will be at the Los Verdes Country Club.

It was announced that Angela Hoffman, PVAC administration, is ill. Paletteers will send a card.

The business portion of the meeting ended at 10:45 a.m. It was followed by members displaying their artwork.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by LaVonne Wuertz, Secretary

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