General Meeting Minutes Nov. 8 2016


General Meeting

November 8, 2016

President Herlinda Giandalia called the meeting to order at approximately 9:50 a.m.

President Giandalia announced that spots for a show at Lexus-Torrance are full for 2017 although it might be possible to partner with another of the groups associated with PVAC. Peninsula Artists (July 14-September 8) was mentioned as a possibility because it is not too large a group. Herlinda will investigate. In addition, we were offered January 20-March 3, 2018, and November 10-January 5, 2019, at Lexus. Consensus was to accept and to consider other venues as well. Sue Kuuskmae announced that it might be possible to take over the Pastel Society reservation at the Malaga Cove Library Gallery. Other venue possibilities mentioned were the Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Society or The Loft in San Pedro; however, it was noted that the Manhattan Beach location is becoming more of a museum than a venue for local art exhibitions and The Loft is available only to its members. Local vacant storefronts were mentioned also as a possibility. Lois Olsen will investigate locations in the PV Promenade.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to grant Emeritus status to Jean Stephenson.

It was announced that today was the deadline for submitting payment for the holiday luncheon. Members were also reminded that membership dues need to be paid. Members should check with Annie Clavel if unsure about whether they owe dues. Copies of the current roster were available for pickup at the sign-in desk.

Several announcements were made. Among those were the following.

Sue Kuuskmae announced that Lois Olsen would soon be giving a workshop in abstract art at Destination: Art; Jackie Long would be giving a workshop at the end of January; and that Destination: Art appeared on the cover of Torrance Today.

Kathy Bergstrom reminded members of Destination: Art’s Art to Go event November 19, which is a sale of 8”x8” and 12”x12” art works for $100 and $150, respectively.  Two framers would be on hand as well.

Audrey Suer recommended the National Water Color Society exhibition in San Pedro that will be closing soon.

The Irvine Museum and the museum at Chapman University were recommended for field trips.

The PVAC student/teacher boutique is the first weekend in December.

Beanie Kaman is the featured artist at Peggy Zast’s gallery in The Loft.

Jim Morino introduced today’s demonstrator, artist Vadim Zanginian. Mr. Zanginian is a portrait and figure painter who has also worked extensively in textile design. He works with a limited palette, primarily red, lemon yellow, black and white, playing translucent and opaque colors against each other and working from big shapes to small. He works from photographs in order to maintain consistent light. In this case, he worked from two photos—one for color, the other sepia for values. He stated that art is a never ending searching process and stressed composition, value, pleasing shapes, and color harmony.

The meeting was adjourned at about noon.

Respectfully submitted by LaVonne Wuertz, secretary.

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