General Meeting – June 11, 2014

Paletteer General Meeting and Luncheon

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rolling Hills Country Club

Present Officers:

President – Suzanne Kuuskmae

Vice President – Suzanne Young

Recording Secretary – Joanne Goodman

Treasurer – Irene Rafael

Corresponding Secretary – Debra Young

Membership Chair:  Tom Coffey, Jim Morino

Post Cards – Heather Escalante

Activities Chairs – Lois Olsen

Hospitality Chairs – Frances Nebolon, Kathryn Egli

Email Chair – Mary Lou Slagter

Malaga Cove Chair – Karen Wickham

Advisor/Past President – Kathy Bergstrom

Review  and accepted Minutes from last meeting.

Thanks to board/committee members of 2013-14 – Karen Wickham gave out roses and Sue Kuuskmae gave all board members a small plant.

  1. Welcome new board/committee members.

PVACA Report from Suzanne Young

December show:

Open to all members of PVAC, not just the 7 art groups

Dates are 11/26/14 – 1/4/15

Opening date: 12/5/14

Take-in date: 11/22/14 (tentative)

–         We will also have a spring show in April open to only members of the 7 art groups at PVAC.

–         Currently looking into having a Swap Meet again.

Treasurer Report – Irene Rafael

$254 Past Balance

$605 received since

$827.47 Total Balance

Membership – Tom Coffey

$35 dues payable now

  1. Lexus Show Interest Sheet was given out to determine if there will be enough interest in this exhibition opportunity. Size of paintings was noted..


Photos/getting images on website – Anyone who wants to get their images on the website should contact Jon Thornton (see past emails or minutes on website for further information).

Member concerns

    1. Meeting place for next fall; the patio where we have been meeting does not allow for good acoustics, and it is way too hot – Our intention is to try to have our Fall meetings at the Art Center after we determine if they are able to make it more user friendly or give us a different room.  If no changes are going to be made, we will seek a different location for meetings.
    2. Suggestions for meeting activities – Give to Irene and Joanne

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Goodman

Recording Secretary