About Paletteers

Organized in 1952 in Southern California and associated with the Palos Verdes Community Arts Association in 1960. The purpose of this organization is to maintain a club consisting of members who are actively engaged in the visual arts, to further their knowledge of art and to promote enjoyment in pursuit of this knowledge

President’s Message

I am very excited to welcome you to our new Paletteer’s website. This site is intended as a communication site for our members, and as an educational and informational resource for the wider community. We have an incredibly talented and supportive group of artists who share a passion for their work. Our members have been widely honored by awards in juried art shows. We work in a variety of mediums and styles, and we continue to learn about our craft and explore new techniques. Paletteers also actively support the programs of the Palos Verdes Art Center and the surrounding communities. I invite you to explore our site and the work of our members. -Suzanne Kuuskmae, President